Pleasure & Consciousness – Erotic Massage & much more!

Pleasure & Consciousness – Erotic Massage & much more!

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I offer a variety of services, to serve your sexual healing &/or exploring, expanding and understanding your capacity for orgasmic pleasure. I am a dedicated & skilled erotic pioneer. I have worked in the sex industry in a variety of capacities for the past 20 years, so have considerable experience. Sexuality has always been my biggest interest and I have been professionally trained in Tantric & Taoist practices, many bodywork modalities and most recently trained in Sexological bodywork/somatic sex education by San Francisco’s leading sexperts

I have witnessed, and been on many fantastic & fun journeys in my time as a sex coach, erotic dancer, sacred intimate, massage therapist, sex worker. I invite you to explore your sexual potential with me.

…are you ready to leave behind your old ideas and habits? and embrace a juicy & satisfying sexuality? sure will give your confidence a boost!

Please check out my services, you can scroll through on the header.

My services include erotic sensual massage, prostate/anal massage, sex coaching, sex therapy, lessons in getting her wet & wild, addressing premature ejaculation ,Taoist Erotic massage, Tantra & more.

I can help you address premature ejaculation, lack of sexual confidence and more.

I am mostly located  in  Lismore NSW near Byron Bay.

I am 43yo, well kept, slim, sexy, sex positive, tall, fun natural blonde.

Mailing list for sex positive articles & events only available to previous clients or referrals.

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Sensual Rapture

We may not truly know the face of our creator but we do know how we came to inhabit our body in this planet. The miraculous experience of birth teaches us that our bodies are sacred and they contain all that we are; would it then be safe to call it our temple? I believe my body is my temple and sensual rapture is my entry way to the divine.

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