Tantric Erotic Massage

I describe my massage services separately, however they can be blended & merged to suit your needs, desires and curiosities.
Women & couples very welcome.

You are in excellent hands. Without my asking, 85% of my clients comment on what ‘gifted’ hands and a ‘magical touch’ I have. I very much enjoy what I do, and receive much pleasure from your pleasure.

My passion is to assist people in expanding &/or enhancing their capacity for sexual pleasure.

TANTRIC/ TAOIST EROTIC MASSAGE… In this massage – you, the receiver engage totally in the experience. We begin with a relaxing back massage which becomes more and more arousing. Throughout the massage and stimulation I am encouraging your breath, movement and sound. I’m also guiding you along the way with simple tantric techniques. You are instructing me what feels best for you, what you most enjoy… or you surrender to my touch.  The effects of this massage can be mind blowing… really jump up your orgasmic experience. In this way,and  with practice and awareness, both men & women can learn to have full body orgasms and men can achieve ejaculation control. I recommend 60 -90 minutes for this experience.

COUPLES You may wish to bring a partner, either witness or participate (double up) in the massage of your partner, or take turns witnessing and being massaged. A very sexy & fun way for couples to learn new things about one another. Prices depend on length of session & what it will involve.

LEARNING & PRACTICING THE STROKES You may like to build your confidence & practice your hands on with a willing, experienced, sexy and orgasmic goddess, if you are happy to follow some guidance I make myself available to you!!

Rather learn at home? Like to start practicing? Checkout these great erotic massage videos at erotic massage school

Contact me  orgasm@orgasmqueen.org

Available in Lismore & Byron Bay NSW

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