Anal Prostate Massage

Anal – Prostate Massage
A popular misconception is that ass play is for gays, and whilst many gay folk may have had the pleasure, it means that many men & women are missing out on the exquisite & erotic delights that those thousands of anal nerves can provide. With skilled, sensitive & attentive touch you may discover a whole new realm of erotica, and immensely deep relaxation. For a man his ass is the gateway to his prostate and G zone. Women can also access deep pleasure with careful, conscious attention. Ass play can be Amazing & Awesome for both men & women. Anal massage can have countless therapeutic benefits – particularly for the nervous system. I have witnessed & facilitated hundreds of mind blowing sessions. Your anus can be incredibly responsive. Prostate massage can soothe enlarged prostate, help regain sensitivity after operations, and simply be an enjoyable way to maintain the health of your prostate, or simply feel fantastic with or without cock or pussy massage.
Anal – Prostate Massage can also be included in my sensual or Tantric massage.

Available in Lismore – Byron Bay

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