Women & Couples Massage

Women  – My relaxation & erotic skills are wonderful for women too. Women who do choose delicious erotic pampering & orgasmic whole body & pussy massage are often very delighted in choosing a woman, such as myself, as a giver.

No expectations or judgements, pure pleasure with an experienced, sensitive & understanding practitioner. Women are welcome to  choose from (or combine) any of my available massage styles. Women of all sexual preferences can (and do) thoroughly enjoy an attentive and skilled woman’s touch.

Couples  -All of my services can be modified to suit couples. At times you may want to  gift your partner with an erotic treat and indulge them in a double handed sensual & erotic massage (yours & my hands).
Or you may be wanting to learn some new skills – perhaps new erotic massage techniques? new lovemaking positions? a comfortable approach to anal sex? some skills in light bondage? a tantric element/experience into your relationship? men can also bring their partner along to Lessons in Getting Her Wet & Wild …a totally worthwhile investment.

All enquiries welcome…   orgasm@orgasmqueen.org

Available in Lismore , Byron Bay NSW ,occasionally  Brisbane & Sydney




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