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Somatic Sex Education for your body & soul.  -expanding & exploring your erotic potential –


I’m Ambrosia , dedicated & skilled erotic pioneer. I extend  an invitation to you… to dive deeper into the possibilities of your pleasure, to delve into the depths of erotic embodiment .. I’m offering to be your guiding light./your shaman. .to assist you on the pathway to more orgasmic pleasure..

 I have worked in the sex industry in a variety of capacities for 25 years.

My formal teachings and certifications are with the

Australian School of Tantra,,,

Urban Tantra – Barbara Carrellas…

Somatic Sex Education – Joseph Kramer

Sexual  Shamanism – Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Manta Chia & Teachers

Member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers

as well as a range of modalities including various massage styles, yoga, NLP, acupressure, erotic dance, kundalini meditation, belly dance.

Please note I am not a counsellor or talk therapist, my work is primarily somatic,

I have always had a keen interest in Sex & Sexuality..and a luscious & fascinating lifetime of learning to share with you.

Are you ready to leave behind old habits & ideas …….and explore avenues of expanded  pleasure?

These sessions welcome anyone regardless of sexual preference or gender identity..

Sessions are one way touch… this is all about You!

The sessions I offer include

Luscious Learning for Lovelies with Cunts.. Getting Her Wet & Wild – for those wanting to expand Her Orgasmic Pleasure

Taoist/ Tantric Erotic Massage

Anal/ Prostate Massage

Light Sensual Domination

Couples Can Fan the Flames

’Sex is, for the most part ,a learned experience..we can learn it , so we can learn to get better at it’

These sessions are tailored for may have an issue you would particularly like to address, or simply be curious..or on a quest for self & sexual knowledge .

I invite you on an exploration into pleasure…yes…your Pleasure …

These sessions could assist you with

… increasing your arousal

….amplifying  connection/communication skills

….alleviating painful sex

… overcoming sexual fear/tension

….scar tissue remediation

…becoming more orgasmic

…gaining intimate sexual knowledge of yourself

….improving your body image

….learning ecstatic embodiment skills.

… exploring your shadow self.,

….resolving sexual trauma

….addressing premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction &/or pornography addiction

…understanding anal pleasure

‘As I receive pleasure, so the universe receives pleasure through me.’ a tantric meditation.

 The practises we may engage, could include..

Pleasure Mapping,

Tantric Breathwork Techniques,

Active Receiving –

Sensate Focus

Orgasmic Yoga

Muscle Control & Relaxation

Massage Receiving &/or Giving

Anatomy of the Cunt or Cock

Conscious Touch

Intimacy Exercises

Scar Tissue Remediation

Anal/ Prostate Massage

Boundary Setting –

Sensual Domination

Confidentiality & Consensual Touch 100% assured

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