Light sensual domination

Light Sensual Domination sessions are role play scenarios exploring power play, it may well be one of the most provocative, titillating, exhilarating, sensual/ sexual experiences available.
Being skilled, educated, ultra sensual, strong, sexy and empathic I make a wonderful woman to surrender to.
Allow me to massage you, then bind you , just enough to restrict your movement to my satisfaction, and blindfold you in order to immediately heighten your remaining senses. My hot & heavy, cool & silky breath caresses your sweetest zones, my strong & firm grip insists that you will yield to me, I tug your hair as you inhale arousing & aromatic scents, I bend you over stroke and tease the fire in your loins. I slap your eager bottom and deliciously spread the sensation, I kiss the back of your neck and make my next demand.
You will yield to me, my desire will become yours…
You get the picture… I can’t continue as there must be some delectable surprises…
Of course you will be released immediately should you find yourself pushed beyond your limit… yet you may be surprised at how limitless you are!
Light Sensual Domination is often immensely pleasurable, unforgettable & divine. This session can be transformative.
I DO NOT indulge intense pain &/or humiliation in my services…

Available in Lismore & Byron Bay NSW

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