TANTRA sessions

TANTRA Sessions
Weaving together mind body & spirit ‘sacred sex’. Tantra utilizes simple, time honoured and profound Tantric & Taoist practices. I guide you through sessions, hands on experience of Tantric sex.
Session 1… You’re new to Tantra? This first session is an introduction, not exactly a class, it is still an intimate and erotic encounter with myself, yet I guide you through the experience, you will learn the basic skills utilized in Tantric sex. There is no intercourse in the first session, yet many clients have described it is the most erotic experience of their lives. You will need to leave your judgements and expectations at the door in order to get the most from Tantric experience

In a very similar way to the Taoist Erotic Massage, Tantric techniques can help prolong lovemaking, and considerably help with ejaculation mastery &  erection strength.
The benefits are far reaching, naturally developing your intimacy & communication skills, as well as expanding your capacity for sexual ecstasy.
After this first session you will know whether or not this is a path you would further like to explore.

Further sessions
If we are both happy with how everything went in the first session, there are many different avenues to explore, Tantra is a personal journey, what happened in the first session, and what you would most like to explore, will determine what happens in following sessions. If  you have had previous experience with other Tantrikas please outline what you have already learnt.

I like to ask several personal questions to interested clients, this helps me to personalise our session, so I can understand you better and you can make the most of our time together.

Could be likened to chocolate – if you only ever taste Cadburys , you’ll never know the delights of finely crafted organic…

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